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TOEFL iBT Preparation and Required Materials - Very Important

Discussion in 'TOEFL Forum' started by admin, Jul 7, 2018.

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    TOEFL iBT is a computer based exam like GRE and GMAT test. Get latest tips and tricks for TOEFL exam.

    Required Materials For TOEFL Preparation:
    1. NoteFull Video (TOEFL Preparation Video Tutorials) - Watch on YouTube
    2. TPO - TOEFL Practice Online Software - ( How To Use TPO)
    3. Get More TOEFL Books and Practice Materials
    Preparation Stage 1:
    Watch the Notefull video carefully on each sections (Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening), make study plan, take small test. Familiarize with Real exam Pattern.

    Preparation Stage 2:
    You need to start TPO (TOEFL Practice Online) after completing the Notefull Video. TPO can be used as a model test. They are more or less 90% as real test. If you buy any books like Princeton, Barrons or Official Book, you will get CD with TPO. Each book contains 4-5 complete practice tests.

    ** Reading: Increase your vocabulary, read newspaper like NyTimes. Read passages from practice book will help you a lot to understand the Real exam pattern, and will encounter with new vocab's.

    ** Speaking: In the Speaking section, six types of speaking questions. Practice regular basis. Those who have weakness in speaking, record your own voice using computer or mobile recorder if possible and listen. This will help you to boost your speaking and correct your own mistakes.

    ** Writing: Typing speed is very important for writing section. Those who have slow typing speed, just increase the speed as much as possible.

    ** Listening: If there is any weakness in the listening section, you can watch English Movies without subtitles.
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