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Speaking Skype, Viber, Whatsapp ID for English Speaking Practice

Discussion in 'IELTS Forum' started by admin, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. vaibhav patel

    vaibhav patel New Member

    hello everyone
    vaibhav patel from india
    whats-app - 7405583993

    help me out with english
  2. Name: Mahmoud Abd El-Sattar Mohamed
    Country: EGYPT

    Whatsapp: +201115015076
  3. suraj

    suraj New Member

    from nepal
    want to gain confident in english
    searching for partner for speaking
    good day
  4. Rood

    Rood New Member

  5. Sandeep Singh

    Sandeep Singh New Member

    Hi, I m Sandeep Singh from India. I m looking for speaking English partner for ielts preparation , I m available on what's app +919898782982, for Skype and google hangout my id is my target is for 7 bands and above...pls feel free to contact me
  6. Taha Hassan

    Taha Hassan New Member

  7. Taha Hassan

    Taha Hassan New Member

    My skype ID is taha_hassan912 I want a partner who can speak with me in english.
  8. Pavan Patel

    Pavan Patel New Member

    Pavan Patel
  9. naveen

    naveen New Member

    skype id - neelamnaveen86
  10. shashank

    shashank New Member

    i am looking for speaking partner to improve my speaking skills as i am targetting band 7 in ielts on march 18th 2017.
    skype: shashank.reddy13
    whatsapp: +919493406947
    feel free to contact me
  11. shashank

    shashank New Member

    Name: shashank
    Country: india
    Skype: shashank.reddy13
  12. shashank

    shashank New Member

  13. Trisha Holloway

    Trisha Holloway New Member

    IELTS GED GRE Bachelors Masters and GMAT Certificate without attending the exams. Send an email to
  14. Tori

    Tori New Member

    Looking for speaking partner
    Whatsapp: +923085292483
    Skype: rafftori
  15. Ruslan Kolomiyets

    Ruslan Kolomiyets New Member

    Hi there,
    My name is Ruslan Kolomiyets. I am from Ukraine.
    And I would like to help others improve their spoken English by talking about any topic you are interested in. You are welcome to add my
    skype id: rus75kol
  16. Akshay Thorat

    Akshay Thorat New Member

    Name: Akshay Thorat
    Country: India
    Skype: akshaytrt

    Whatsapp: +91 7385533597
  17. Manas

    Manas New Member

    Name : Manas Arora
    Country : India
    Skype : aroramanas25
    Email :
    WhatsApp : 9716761677

    Looking for Speaking ,Writing and Reading Partner
  18. Harsh patel

    Harsh patel New Member

    Name : Harsh Patel
    Country : India
    Skype : harshpatel567
    WhatsApp : +919099674678

    I'm very poor in speaking
    I want your help
  19. Arun Anandna

    Arun Anandna New Member

    Name: Arun AL
    Country: India
    Skype: arun_al77
    Whatsapp: +918921759755

    Hi, Admin Kindly add me to the group

    Thank you
  20. Arun Anandna

    Arun Anandna New Member

    Anybody here to process my above request.

    IS it an abandoned Form!

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