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Right Form Of Verb

Discussion in 'Grammar & Dictionary' started by Asif, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Asif

    Asif New Member

    In a sentence if we have always,sometimes,daily,everyday,often,never,seldom,frequently,normally,occasionally, generally,usually,regularly etc then we will use present indefinite tense.


    ♥ He never tells a lie.
    ♥ He always helps me.
    ♥ When does karim go to bed normally?.

    In a sentence if we have yesterday,ago,long,before,once,once upon a time,in the past,long since,last week last month,last night,last year etc then we will use past indefinite tense.


    ♥ He went to London three years ago.
    ♥ He did the work yesterday.
    ♥ When does karim went to bed last night?.

    just,just now,ever,already,recently,lately etc are used in a sentence so we will use present perfect tense


    ♥ He have just arrived here
    ♥ He has already finished the task which has been given by me.
    ♥ I have come home lately?.

    If the first part of sentence is present indefinite or present prefect tense and after that since/ as if / as though use in a sentence then last part will be past indefinite.In contrast,If first part is past indefinite then last portion must be past perfect tense.


    ♥ Ten years have passed since you arrived here.
    ♥ He came to his house as if they had finished the task.
    ♥ I come to you as though you became ill.
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