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IELTS Books and Materials Mega Collection

Discussion in 'IELTS Forum' started by admin, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
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  2. chirag

    chirag New Member

    hi i am now join this so, send me all materials and Books link . Because I am new user i don't know how to download please help me.
  3. admin

    admin Administrator

    Check first Link above, you will get all books. Each page has Download and Mirror Links at the bottom of page
  4. Jay patel

    Jay patel New Member

    Dear sir I want a idea for writing task 2 book. How I get this? If it has a any link then plz send me on my mail and even you reply also.......
  5. Jay patel

    Jay patel New Member

    Dear sir plz send me the new mega collection of iltes books and materials link for download on my mail Id I hope uu can help me
  6. kisna

    kisna New Member

    thank you admin , great job.
  7. chintan kansara

    chintan kansara New Member

  8. rana irfan ul haq

    rana irfan ul haq New Member

    Do you have link for Cambridge IELTS 11 General Training (GT)?
  9. Usman

    Usman New Member

  10. Usman

    Usman New Member

    Dear Admin m new here and I need ielts material like listening and reading... Provide me link for download material..... M waiting for your help.
  11. admin

    admin Administrator

    Check here for IELTS materials:
  12. IrinaHale

    IrinaHale New Member

    Do you have The teacher's book of "the Bridge to IELTS 3.5 to 4.5" ? I really need it right now. Thank you for sharing. OvO
  13. bhupendra

    bhupendra New Member

    IELTS Speaking Topics | Cue Card Topics 101-150
  14. Prakash_2006

    Prakash_2006 New Member


    is there a possibility to get the free download for the ACE The IELTS 3rd Edition.
  15. Pavan Patel

    Pavan Patel New Member

    Admin, please send succeed in IELTS academic 6 practice tests listening audios.
    Thank you in advance...
    Here is my gmail. :- .You can mail me.
  16. dsrao86

    dsrao86 New Member

    Admin, please send me the IELTS preparation material's to my email id: Seems to be i had problems while downloading, please help me in this regard. E
  17. Elsa C. Lorejo

    Elsa C. Lorejo New Member

    Hi I'm elsa from Philippines new member I'm looking for
    Conquer IELTS in 80 Days.. thanks
  18. Abu Muyeed

    Abu Muyeed New Member

    Hello Admin, can I have a link to the book (with Audio) '
    Complete IELTS Bands 6.5-7.5' ?
  19. Bojan

    Bojan New Member

  20. Bojan

    Bojan New Member

    Dear Admin,

    Please send me download link to all IELTS Practice Tests and Preparation Materials to my email:

    Gratefully in advance,
    Bojan M.

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