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GRE Vocabulary Materials Mega Collection

Discussion in 'GRE Forum' started by admin, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator

    Get GRE Vocabulary Books, Software, PDF , Video Tutorials, Online Vocabulary Test, Mnemonic Dictionary, Picture Dictionary. Buy Premium Materials and Paperback. Best Collection of GRE Vocabulary List, Audio Word Lists.


    GRE Words With Mnemonics

    1. GRE Word List With Mnemonics PDF, Android Apps Download
    2. Best 5 Android Dictionary (Full Version) For Vocabulary Learning

    ** Get GRE Free Online Practice Test, &
    ** PDF Books and Software for Verbal And Quant Preparation.

    GRE Word List Pool For Vocabulary Learning

    1. 333 Barrons GRE High Frequency Word List
    2. Barron Essential Words For The GRE
    3. GRE Barron Words List
    4. Hit Parade 1-4 Princeton - Link
    5. 1500 Effective Word l - Link
    6. Barron 800 Essential Words for GRE - Link
    7. Big Book Word List for GRE Link
    8. Contextual Vocabulary 36 MB ZIP 4 PDF Files Link
    9. GM Dahars 4000 vocabulary Link
    10. GRE Word list Link
    11. GRE Words Catagorized Link
    12. Word List, Grouped Link
    13. New Barron’s 333 High Frequency Words Link
    14. Princeton Word Smart for GRE Link
    15. Top 50 GRE words (Uncategorized) 53 KB PDF 2 Pages Link
    16. Vocabulary, High Frequency (Uncategorized) 141 MB PDF 18 Pages Link
    17. Word Map Version-2.0 24 MB PDF 768 Pages Link
    18. Barron’s Classical 3500 Word List 1 MB PDF 124 Pages Link
    19. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis Pages Link
    20. Major Test Wordlist L,M,N,O(meaning+mnemonic+example) - Link
    21. Manhattan GRE Advanced and Essential Combo Word list - Link
    22. GRE Treacherous words from VocaBuilder - Link
    23. Top 1000 Hitlist - Compilation of Many Wordlists - Link
    24. Quick Learning GRE words wid fun!! - Link
    25. Magoosh GRE Word List - Link
    26. List of 100 frequent words that appear in GRE - Link
    27. Kaplan GRE 400 Favourite Words - Link

    GRE Vocabulary Audio List

    • File 1-3 83 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link
    • File 4-6 125 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link
    • File 7-9 49 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link
    • File 10-12 133 MB ZIP Audio Set of MP3 Files Link

    Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Software
    (Android, ISO Apps)

    (You need to Create a Free Trail Account in Magoosh Site to Use these Apps as each apps need to login after installation, also you must have internet access in your Mobile to download database of these software)​

    ** Create Account here to use these Software - Click Now
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  2. bmj123

    bmj123 New Member

    Barron’s GRE Vocabulary List with Mnemonics

    I am searching this for long can you make mnemonics section seprately

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  3. admin

    admin Administrator

    Please Check Now above post...... we added all Mnemonic Word List and Mnemonic Dictionary. Thank You
  4. bmj123

    bmj123 New Member

  5. gkb

    gkb New Member

    Hi, I am looking for mnemonics dictionary, but cannot find it in this forum. Can you please advise.
    I need a mnemonics dictionary where I can search words and have helpful mnemonics associated with them . I am using Kaplan wordlist and ned it for the same reason. Your help will be highly appreciated.
  6. admin

    admin Administrator

    1. Use Mnemonic Dictionary Online:
    2. Android Apps: GRE Vocab Builder (Its a good Mnemonic Dictionary...... You can check it,)
  7. gkb

    gkb New Member

    Thank you !!
    This is very helpful.

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