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EveryDay Learning Word

Discussion in 'Grammar & Dictionary' started by Asif, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Asif

    Asif New Member

    Solenm urge[Noun]:Adjuration,Invocation,Supplication,Yen,Advocacy.
    Translate:Please listen to my supplication.If you accept my abjuration, so I will marry you.You should invocation to your brother for your misbehave if you want to get some money.
    Translate:I beseech you for my application.If you would approve my supplicant so that would be very good for me.

    Translate:You always nullify my remission.I really donot know how to implore to you for my amnesty.

    Translate:There are so many mendicants who are living in our locality

    Absolve:Pardon an offense.
    Translate:I solicit to you to absolve me of my sins.
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