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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by admin, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator

    Hello to all New Member of "DxSchool Forums."

    It will be great pleasure for us to know something about. So, If you like, you can tell us a bit more about yourselves. It’s always interesting to know the person behind the writing, especially their Country, Language and Main Cultural Activities.

    The topic of this post will be as a Chat Room for the Learning English Community members, so you can share anything but the writing medium will be only in English.

    Lets learn, share and enjoy!
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  2. Asf

    Asf Moderator

    I aspect that,I can learn something new from this forums.Sometimes I will try to post new things about English and I will also discuss new subjects.
  3. Ali Orhun Önder

    Ali Orhun Önder New Member

    Hello Everybody, i am Ali from turkey
    let me inform you about myself
    having been born and raised in İstanbul, famous city in turkey as most of you know, i have experienced toefl, our country test system except for ielts , so really appreciated to be here by the way there are a lot of documentation in here , so it looks like become indispensable for me , thank you in advance
  4. GianluInEngland

    GianluInEngland New Member

    Hi everybody !

    It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope we 'll all have fun and feel confortable on our journey towards the exams ;)
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  5. Fesobi charles

    Fesobi charles New Member

    Hello. I am Charles from Nigeria. I am actually new here. You guys are doing a great job here, just wanna say keep it up.
  6. Fesobi charles

    Fesobi charles New Member

    I am here if you ever need some help with your English.
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  7. Imran khan

    Imran khan New Member

    Hi guys. I am imran from India. Loiking forward to learn somthing from all of you.
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  8. mitha211

    mitha211 New Member

    Hi guys, I am Mitha from Indonesia. It's my pleasure to meet you from different countries. That's the new enjoyable thing to learn English with you.
  9. admin

    admin Administrator

    Hello Mitha...

    How are you? Welcome to our Group. You can send Personal Message to anyone in this forum to ask for practice as well any books or materials.
    You can also share your Skype through personal msg. Enjoy Your Preparation/Learning.

    Thank You
  10. abolfazll

    abolfazll New Member

    Hello to everyone, I m abolfazl and glad to be here with new friends, thanks admin for this excellent forum.
  11. Hany Samy

    Hany Samy New Member

    I want to download the book of Official Ielts Practice Material 1 or 2??? or there is not and just a say?
  12. admin

    admin Administrator

  13. Jay patel

    Jay patel New Member

    Hello guys. I am Jay from India. And I am new here. I feel amazing to join dxschool.insted of it is great time
  14. Nur_Ash

    Nur_Ash New Member

    Hello, everyone. I'm Ash from Malaysia. Nice to meet you all. I'm thinking to take IELTS exams this year. Hope this forum can be my class room. :)
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  15. shakik

    shakik New Member

    hi buddies. i am shakik from Bangladesh.just getting some tips and advice about ielts.i wish this forum could help each others by discussion things we need to. i was thinking that i would take part of i.e.l.t.s. but never tried to be i will start mission newly to successful this course.
  16. Rizwan Ali

    Rizwan Ali New Member

    Hi every one...Actually i want a speaking partner for IELTS purpose...any candidate ready for speaking with me...
    Can contact with
    Skype : Rizwan.Ali4373
    Whatsapp : +923052345911
    Viber is also available
    Facebook : Rizwan Bashir
  17. Rizwan Ali

    Rizwan Ali New Member

    Hello Brother
  18. Eleanor Saunders

    Eleanor Saunders New Member

    Hi everyone, I live in Spain and I enjoy speaking in English and listening to the newest trends.
  19. JOY1979

    JOY1979 New Member

    hi everyone, am Joy, i live in Maryland USA, i intend sitting for Toefl test but i would actually know what its all about and how to start.
  20. Arun Anandna

    Arun Anandna New Member

    Hi All, Arun AL here, live in India.Planing to appear for IELTS shortly.Needs a "KICK START"

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