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Describe a person who can do well in work

Discussion in 'IELTS Forum' started by maha, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. maha

    maha New Member

    Describe a person who can do well in work

    • Who this person is
    • How do you know this person
    • What kinds of work this person does
    • Explain why this person can do well
  2. Asif

    Asif New Member

    I am going to describe a person who always does good work not only for him but also for the society.The name of the person is XYZ.He is a brisk and energetic man who all times be conscious of his activities which will be done by him.

    In the beginning,I will introduce him by which way he has been known to me.In my childhood I was a very importunate kid.I could not do my study well and always get a poor scores in my exam.In my next door, a person lived with his family.My father took me to this person so that he can be my tutor.The person would know ins and outs about me.I did not not have any other options for ignoring, so I was agree with that.

    Most surprisingly is that,at first I thought,he would be a rude person.Because he looked like a peculiar for his unkempt hairdo.But I was very lucky that my idea was totally wrong.He is a open-minded,hardworking,polite,truthful person.He never tells a lie and tries to keep relationship with people.He is a school teacher.He teaches students in Math and English.His teaching structure is very interesting.A many weak students always do well in their examinations.He always try to take extra care for the students whom are weak or have less concentration in their studies.For this reasons,most of the students like him and also respect him from their heart.

    Finally,I would like to say that,I have learned many things from XYZ which helped me in my further studies.All people in my society love him for his good behaviors and truthfulness.

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