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Reading 8 Tricks to Not Fall Asleep If You Have To Study at Night

Discussion in 'IELTS Forum' started by Annelle Murray, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Annelle Murray

    Annelle Murray New Member

    It is not ideal, but sometimes you have to spend the night studying, so try these tricks to not fall asleep and you will surely get it.

    Be proactive:
    If you see that it is going to touch you, stay all night studying, try to take a good nap as soon as you have a while. Program the alarm, turn off the phone and disconnect at least one hour to be able to perform at night.

    Little dinner:
    Do not even think about hitting a binge if you pretend to stay awake, because you will get a drowsiness very difficult to overcome and you will have less concentration and performance.

    Start with the most difficult:
    Or for the heaviest and leave the good for the end when you are more tired.

    Study out loud:
    It will be much easier for you not to fall asleep if you speak aloud and, in addition, you will memorize it better.

    Take breaks of 15 minutes every hour or hour and a half and take the opportunity to move. If you stay in the same chair, then you will get more sleep.

    Change the scenario:
    If you are studying in your room and you see that you are staying fried, change to the living room or another unoccupied room. If there are no other places in your house, go to a library or a quiet cafeteria. The change of air will clear you.

    If you can and have a partner in your same situation, go study together. It's harder for you to fall asleep if you're not alone.

    Study techniques:
    If we always do the same, we get tired before; so try to change when you see that you fall asleep and start doing tests, drawings, mind maps or tokens to get up to speed. The above listed tips are well researched by a renowned online assignment company UK based experts and concluded as the top highlighted tips in this regard.
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