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Dictionary Top 5 English To English Android Dictionary Full Version .Apk

Discussion in 'Grammar & Dictionary' started by admin, Oct 6, 2015.

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    admin Administrator

    Best English Dictionary for your Android Mobile. Start Learning Vocabulary with top English To English Apk Dictionary With Audio Version.


    # 1. Oxford Advanced Learner's 8 v3.5.10 Apk

    Buy Now: Play Store What Have in This Dictionary - View Now
    Download: Free Version ApkDX or Mediafire
    Apk file With Dictionary DataBase

    How to Installation Oxford Dictionary Apk :
    1. First, download and install the apk file to your phone
    2. Download other Database file and Audio File, BrE and AmE Spoken Sentence files.
    3. Now copy those downloaded files (sound files, Database files) to“sdcard or internal memory/Android/data/com.slovoed.oald/files
    **All File Name Should Be Same As Given.

    4. Finally, Open your Oxford Dictionary and enjoy :) {Reboot is not Mandatory}

    #2. Merriam Webster's Unabridged v3.4.182.24004 Apk


    Download From Version Apps Download or

    Merriam Websters Unabridged Dictionary v3.4.182.24004 Apk Apps Download

    #3. Wordweb Audio Version Apk For Android

    Buy Now: Play Store
    Download: Free Version - ApkDX or Mediafire

    How To Install Wordweb Audio Dictionary

    *** Before Installation disconnect you internet Connection

    1. Download Dictionary .apk and Audio Database File.

    2. Extract them, and Install “WordWeb Audio_2.1.apk” file.

    3. Copy the Audio Data File: “” to “(sdcard/android/obb” Folder.

    4. After Copying Audio file, Reboot your Phone.

    5. Now Enjoy Wordweb Audio Dictionary Apk Premium Version.

    #4. Longman Dictionary of English v1.3 Apk

    Download: ApkDX

    #5. Concise Oxford Dictionary APK Paid Version

    Download: DropBox

    Other English To English Dictionary Apk Version:

    ** Let us know if anything goes wrong. **
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