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TOEFL Books and Test Materials Mega Collection

Discussion in 'TOEFL Forum' started by Nina Rose, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Nina Rose

    Nina Rose New Member

    TOEFL Preparation Books, CD ROM, Audio CD, Practice Test, and Online Practice Materials and websites.

    Useful links For TOEFL

    Valid I.D. in test day

    What to expect on the exam day

    Some useful groups and forums

    Great site for listening practice:

    Useful site for TOEFL vocabulary, grammar, listening and reading comprehensions:

    ِA website to grade your writings for free

    Useful YouTube channels :

    1- British Council

    2- Anglo-Link

    3- JenniferESL

    4- Rachel's English

    5- engVid

    6- EnglishLessons4U

    7- Let's Talk

    8- Cambridge English

    9- ESL and Popular Culture

    10- Learn English

    11- Speak English with Steve Ford

    12- EF podEnglish

    13- Real English

    14- Speak English With Misterduncan

    15- VOA learning English

    16- Business English Pod

    More and More Resources will add in this Post, Just Keep in Touch. Let us know if any Links doesn't work.
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  2. josh

    josh New Member

    Thank you very much for sharing, but it will be good if you list the ones that are more helpful for the iBT exam.
  3. josh

    josh New Member

    Making a up to date list of all the stuff will be great. Latest is better. Thanks for sharing, not everyone have the $$ to purchase.
  4. fato gito

    fato gito New Member

    Cambridge part2, part3, and also Kaplan part2
    It can be downloaded but when you want to open or extract the .iso file it says that the file ain't working or damaged
  5. slimge

    slimge New Member

    you are generous, thanks
  6. onimusha117

    onimusha117 New Member

    Thank you for your generousity. :D
    Oh, btw, I have searched the internet and know that there is a new and revised edition of the
    Delta's Key to the TOEFL iBT: Advanced Skill Practice; Revised Edition
    Did anybody have this edition? Can you email me the download link:
    Thank you so much.
  7. candle_89

    candle_89 New Member

    Hi I need Barron's "Writting for the TOEFL IBT" 3rd edition audios. How can I get it?
  8. Sarthak Patel

    Sarthak Patel New Member

    I want Thomson TOEFL iBT. I have been trying very hard to find the book but i have got only ebook without its audio files. Can you please provide me any link where i can download it. It's urgent. Thank You.
  9. William Henderson

    William Henderson New Member

    Hi, everyone.
    Here are some youtube videos with audios for the listening part of three practice tests:

    It's the audios for the practice tests you'll find in The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test, PBT Edition by Bruce Rogers (Heinle's). Hope it helps.
  10. zoraf

    zoraf New Member

    i cannot find download link of TPO software. can anyone plz share it??
  11. Hilma Caldeira

    Hilma Caldeira New Member

    Not working

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