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Speaking Skype, Viber, Whatsapp ID for English Speaking Practice

Discussion in 'IELTS Forum' started by admin, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator

    Please share your Skype ID or Whatsapp ID, Viber, imo, WeChat ID here. Just for Speaking Purpose. There is no other way to be fluent without speaking. So practice as much as possible whether you make lot of mistake or not.

    If you think you need partner for English Practice you can share your id too..... Also you can also ask anyone here for Skype ID to Practice Speaking.

    ** Format For Sharing your ID**
    Alex Junior
    Country: US
    Skype: YourSkypeID

    Viber: ..........
    Whatsapp: ..........

    Here is few ID for Practice English.

    1. Rizwan Ali My skype : Rizwan.Ali4373 - Whatsapp :+923052345911
    2. junaid iqbal dawar My skype Id: jundi.dawar2 -Mobile no.03311477756
    3. Fazla Rabby - Facebook ID -
    4. miguel fornell - skype: miguelfornell1989
    5. Md Golam Sarower - Skype: shamimsarower1 - Whatsapp: +6593463036
    6. muhammad abbas - skype: bukhari.abbas27
    7. amit saha - Skye ID: amit.saha2511
    8. Abdur Rahman = Skype id:
    9. Mohamed Nasr Skype id : Mohamed nasr
    10. Rajendra Babu Roka skype: raj_manj
    11. Hiep Ngo Skype: ngohiep1206
    12. Sajal Pandey Skype: Sajal.pandey3
    13. aza Skype: samani 101
    14. Nour Ibrahim (For TOEFL)
    15. mirza azrar (For Discussion Anything)
    16. Naren Chandra Das (For Discussion Anything)
    17. Md Asif Ahmed Skype: mmasifahmed (For IELTS, Speaking)
    18. Mohammed Abdelrahim - Skype: gasmalla2
    19. Md Shamemmur Rahman Skype: sami01711
    20. Jasvinder Singh skype : jassuhalcyon
    21. দীপ্ত সরকার whatsapp: +8801733757870
    22. Sachin Deshmukh whatsapp 9960770278
    23. Ravi Ann ravi22521
    24. Kemala Hayati Line: kmlhyt.aya
    25. Jeglu Sushill Skype: Jack. Sushill
    26. Acharya Shyam skype: acharyashyam69
    27. English Arif
    28. Mainak Bhattacharyya Skype: mainakbckv
    29. Aatif Khan skype: atif.kareem6 (For IELTS)
    30. Manash Chakraborty skype: mandex72
    31. Suvicha Mekangkul skype: bkkboomaa
    32. Samir Ibrahim Abd Elazim Skype: samir.mohamed19
    33. Nesrine Shokry Skype: nesrine.shokry
    34. Remi Abidoye skype: remmie02
    35. Emraan Khan Skype email:
    36. Mohammad Samiul Skype: Samiulanik5
    37. Nuristani Skype: raiyannuristani
    38. Salma Akther Skype: salma671985
    39. Shubham Jagtap 8796601486
    40. Vijay Mihiran WhatsApp: 9652154745
    41. Hari Krishna watsapp: 9666261583
    42. Karen Montaño skype: ; whatsapp: 6621916009
    43. Akash Khan skype id: mamun0380
    44. Ace Chaudhry Skype: saqib.nazir61
    45. Md.Athar Hossain Khan Saikat skype id: hossain.athar15
    46. Ruchika Tigdi Skype: angelruchi8
    47. Polohima Kolpo Skype:
    48. Arslan Rasheed
    49. Sathiss Kumar WhatsApp: 9791408541
    50. Akshay Dhabale WhatsApp: 9763447947
    51. Amol Pawar whatsapp: 8177828931
    52. Ganesh Chaudhari Whatsapp: 9404749812
    53. Gopi Chand whatsapp: 8688814041
    54. Willian - Skype: thewillguitar ( For Friendship, Language Exchange.) From Brazil.
    55. Deen Zaz Skype: Afzalur243 : viber + 66822665399 ; whatsapp +66822665399
    56. Appaji Appu Skype:

    Please let me know if you like to remove your id from this list. These ID's collected from this forum as well Facebook Group that you shared to practice English Speaking.
    Thank You
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2016
  2. Hiep Ngo

    Hiep Ngo New Member

    Hi, guys. I'm Hiep Ngo, and I come from Vietnam. My skype ID: ngohiep1206. Let's help each other out.
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  3. Jay patel

    Jay patel New Member

    Name - patel jay
    Country - india
    Whats app - +919601811943
  4. Ahmed Ibrahim

    Ahmed Ibrahim New Member

    Name: Ahmed Ibrahim
    Country: Egypt
    Skype: ahmed.ebrahem15
  5. ayan

    ayan New Member

    Name :jawad ahmad
    country : pakistan
    skype :meet_jawad
    hy guys :
    need speaking partners to improve speaking
  6. Muhammad-Ibrahim

    Muhammad-Ibrahim New Member

    Hi Guys
    Name: Muhammad Ibrahim
    Country: Egypt
    Whatsapp: +201004469634
  7. Jason Sriwijaya

    Jason Sriwijaya New Member

    Name: Jason Sriwijaya
    Country: Indonesia
    WhatsApp: +6281342226060
    I seek speaking partner for prepare my ielts test.
    Anyone can help me?
  8. kiran a

    kiran a New Member

    Name: Kiran atyam
    Country: India
    Skype: atyamkiran441
    Whatsapp: 8122478947

    please add me as well. thanks
  9. Omotoso Gafar

    Omotoso Gafar New Member

    I am Gafar omotoso from nigeria . Whatsapp; +2348037426941
  10. ibrahim yasin

    ibrahim yasin New Member

    name : ibrahim yasin
    nationality : Somalia
    live in: sudan
    whatsApp: +249997819766
  11. Monjurul Karim

    Monjurul Karim New Member

    Name: Raju
    Country: Bangladesh
    Skype: coolraju24
  12. Sujan Barua

    Sujan Barua New Member

    Name : Sujan barua
    Country: Bangladesh
    Skype: sujanb3
  13. Sujan Barua

    Sujan Barua New Member

    My whatsapp... 01917572441
    Skype... sujanb3
  14. shohag shah

    shohag shah New Member

    Country: Bangladesh
  15. Rami idriss

    Rami idriss New Member

    Hi there, am Rami, I hope to contact you on WhatsApp id 00249925143985
  16. Waji ul hassan

    Waji ul hassan New Member

    Name : waji ul hassan
    Country : pakistan
    Skype : Wajiulhassan
    Whatsapp : +923355701480
  17. bhagirath

    bhagirath New Member

  18. bhagirath

    bhagirath New Member

  19. hisham

    hisham New Member

    Name: Hisham Mounir
    Country: Egypt
    Skype: hisham_mounir91
  20. Rounok Jahan

    Rounok Jahan New Member

    Hello I want dedicated IELTS reading partner for GT module.If anyone interested please contact with me.

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