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ShenZhen Full time (Nasdaq: SCHL)

Discussion in 'IELTS Forum' started by raider1990, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. raider1990

    raider1990 New Member

    ShenZhen Full time (Nasdaq: SCHL)

    【Position】ESL teacher for young learners (Only native)
    【Location】Shen Zhen, China. 200 meters away from the metro station, only 30mins to HongKong by metro.
    【Salary & benefits】 18000-22000 RMB/M without accomodation. <Depends on experience>
    【Contract length】1 year
    【Working hours】35 working hours per week / 2 days off
    【Student age】 3-12 years old
    【Class size】 10 students
    【Other Benefits】
    All China statutory holiday
    5-12 days extra Annual paid leave in extra according to service length.
    Airfare reimbursements up to 6000 RMB for completion of one-year contract.
    Work visa guarentee: offered to qualified candidates according to China regulations
    Dear Candidate

    We kindly ask you to record a short self-presentation video, 1-2 minute long, 24 MB max. You need to tell us about your teaching experience and your skills. If you can draw, dance, play chess, sing you should mention it as well. If you do not have any teaching experience please do not dwell on it, mention only what relates to teaching.

    NB! Chinese draw careful attention to pronunciation; speak loudly and clearly, please keep it in mind during recording the video!

    CV and self-introduction must be in English obviously.Only teaching experience matters.
    File should be entitled with your name and surname. Please do not send the links to the file hosting service. It should be the document in Word or PDF format without contact details which should be written on a separate sheet. WeChat (Chinese WhatsApp) is a must in China, all the interviews happen there.
    In order to get a better understanding about you and your preferences, please fill in a small questionnaire and attach it to the video and CV.

    You should send the set of documents and video to Wechat:matos185 if fail to find this ID then email to

    Thank you and good luck

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