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Recent IELTS Speaking Question (Sydney, Australia – July 2017)

Discussion in 'Latest IELTS Questions' started by Mehnaz, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Mehnaz

    Mehnaz New Member

    Most Recent IELTS Exam Question. Get Latest IELTS Questions for Speaking & Writing Module. Actual Test & Actual Questions.

    Speaking Test (Full Interview)

    Part 1 (Introduction)

    – What is your full name?
    – Can I see your ID?
    – Where are you from?
    – Do you work or study?
    – Do you think your job is hard?
    – Why do you think so?
    – Do you play any musical instruments?
    – Why / Why not?
    – Do you have one friend or lots of friends?
    – Why is it so?

    Part 2 (Cue Card)

    Describe your neighbour. Please say

    – Who is he/she?
    – Where did you meet?
    – Do you meet often?

    Part 3 (Discussion)

    – How is the neighbourhood in your home country?
    – Is it difficult to get along with neighbours in city areas?
    – What can be done if your neighbours are loud and noisy?

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