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Recent IELTS Speaking Question (Saudi Arabia and India, 2017)

Discussion in 'Latest IELTS Questions' started by Mehnaz, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Mehnaz

    Mehnaz New Member

    Most Recent IELTS Exam Question. Get Latest IELTS Questions for Speaking & Writing Module. Actual Test & Actual Questions.

    Speaking Test (Full Interview)

    Part 1 (Introduction)

    – What is your full name?
    – Can I see your ID?
    – Where are you from?
    – Do you work or study?

    Part 2 (Cue Card)

    Talk about an occasion when you received a good service from a person. Please say

    – What was the service?
    – When and where did you receive it?
    – Why did you like it so much?

    Part 3 (Discussion)

    – How did you feel after it?
    – What is the difference between services from a big or small companies?
    – What jobs require staff to get in touch with a lot of people?
    – What qualities should the staff member have for such job? Why?
    – What should people do when they receive bad service?

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