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Need listening audios for Barron's 10th edition TOEFL Book

Discussion in 'TOEFL Forum' started by Dimas, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Dimas

    Dimas New Member

    Hello guys, I have the difficulties in learning the Barron's 10th edition TOEFL Book especially the listening section because I have lost the CD ROM accidentally.. do you have any suggestion for my problem guys ? Maybe you can give me the link where I can downloads the listening audios file ?? Thank you very much.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa New Member

    You can Try This Link:
  3. Dimas

    Dimas New Member

    I'm sorry Lisa but your suggested link is not appropriate with my demand because that link contains barron's 13th edition TOEFL book, and I need the barron's 10th edition TOEFL Audios. But I appreciate your suggestion, thank you.

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