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Free IELTS Practice Tests Academic and General Training (GT)

Discussion in 'IELTS Forum' started by admin, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator

    Free Online IELTS Practice Test

    Download and Practice Mock Test:
    • IELTS Listening Practice Test
    • IELTS Reading Practice Test
    • IELTS Speaking Practice Test
    • IELTS Writing Practice Test

    Mega Collection of IELTS Practice Tests:

    IELTS Reading Online Practice Tests
    (Only Google Chrome Compatible)
    1. Multiple choice questions
    2. Completing sentences
    3. Writing short answers
    4. Matching headings to paragraphs
    5. Completing tables, charts or diagrams
    6. Matching causes and effects
    7. Completing a summary
    8. Choosing factors
    9. Identifying the writer's view

    IELTS Academic Practice Tests

    IELTS General Training Practice Tests

    More IELTS Practice Test (50+ Tests)

    More and more IELTS Practice Test will added in these list. Please Sign Up our Forum and Comment or share any resources you have. It will Help other IELTS Aspirant to boost their score.
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  2. Navid

    Navid New Member

    Please provide me free download IELTS material for preparations in pdf form or as you like, thanks
  3. admin

    admin Administrator

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